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How do I get access to the satellite service?

Access to VAST requires a certified VAST set top box and satellite dish of at least 65cm in diameter. Contact your satellite dish installer to find out the dish size you need for your specific location

Access to the service is controlled by the smart card which is supplied with the satellite set top box. To access VAST you will need to register your details including your address, reception location and smart card number.

To apply for ABC and SBS services only, register here:

To check if you are eligible, and to register for VAST commercial (CH7,9,10) services, click here

Please ensure all the information you provide is accurate and that you include the installation address for the service so that your registration can be processed without delay.

If you live in Western Australia, you may be eligible to receive Red FM and Spirit radio services. Phone Redwave on (08) 9482 9500 to request access.

Please note: If you plan to apply, or have already applied, for VAST national and commercial TV services, you must be already receiving these services before requesting Red FM and Spirit.